Playing USA Online Slots For Real Cash Money

For virtual casino lovers in the USA, online slots for cash has returned in a big way. Back in the early 90s, Internet casinos became extremely popular, but the problem was the landscape of the World Wide Web was like the Wild West during the founding days of America. Rogue and predatory sites were the norm, because it was illegal for a US-based company to deliver online gambling to American citizens. The only companies extending access to Internet casinos were unregulated and often fly-by-night operators who gave Internet gambling a bad name to say the least. Luckily, legislative changes have been made by lawmakers at the state and national level in the past couple of years, and a few states have already made Internet gambling legal in some form or another.

That means if you are an American citizen, or a visitor here, you can play USA online slots for real money from your favorite PC or smartphone. Not only does each individual state now has the opportunity to decide whether or not to offer online gambling to its residents, but since trustworthy and reputable companies are now once again heading back into the online gambling scene in America, the offshore gambling picture has had to improve as an act of survival. There are still those websites you need to avoid which offer less than an enjoyable or reliable experience, but over the last few years several licensing jurisdictions located in Europe, Canada and elsewhere around the globe have focused on very strict regulation and certification for companies offering online slots gambling. Our team of online gambling professionals has evaluated the industry leading brands to determine the legitimate slots for cash sites which offer the safest and most reliable online gambling experience to players.

Not just any company can pay a fee and become instantly licensed for offering US online slots for cash, if that company wants to be recognized as legitimate, safe and honest. We are proud to say we have been consulting in the online gambling industry for years, we started out as players, and still are to this day. We exhaustively and consistently review websites which offer online slots play for Americans, and if we recommend a particular slots site, we stake our respected reputation in the online gaming community on that recommendation. The sites featured on this page not only offer online slots and casino enjoyment for the US player, but they also deliver the biggest and most attainable welcome bonuses and player rewards, operate with the highest levels of integrity, and offer great slots odds for players.

We understand that the typical American has an incredibly busy lifestyle. When you come home after a long day's work, you just want to know that you can log onto a site which legally offers USA online slots for cash, and you do not want to have to go through a lengthy review process to find one. Players from the good old U.S.A. can enjoy the most reliable and exciting online slots experience at any of the websites we recommend, most of them support your preferred payment process as a deposit method, and all offer the biggest six and seven figure potential progressive slots jackpot paydays. And as more states make it legal for American companies to offer online slots and casino play for real money to US citizens, the competition will create even a better overall picture for you. Several USA friendly slots casinos also offer 3D slots options on their menu. I have to mention that these slots are my favorite game varieties of all time. Learn more about all of the variations in our guide to online slot games.

So, to recap, if you are looking to play US online slots for real money, the current atmosphere is definitely in your favor. And as we mentioned above, as long as you locate a legitimate operation, many slots casinos located outside of U.S. jurisdiction actually provide a safe and reliable experience, if you know what to look for. You do not have to wait for the legalization of online slots and casino gambling at the federal level if you live in America, although there are predictions that that is also coming in the future. Just know that if you choose a slots casino which uses top-of-the-line gaming software (RealTime Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, etc.), is properly licensed in a reputable jurisdiction, and can offer legal access to US players, that is definitely where you want to play USA online slots for real money. We have narrowed the field substantially for you, and are happy to recommend the casinos on this website as legitimate, safe and secure Internet casinos that welcome players from the United States..

Our guide also provides information for players who are developing their online slots strategy, and players who are interested in working on a strong slots bankroll management system to keep the financial end of their online gambling in order.

Our Top 5 Casinos Offering Reputable US Online Slots For Real Money
Casino Name Bonus Offer Software
SunPalace Casino 400% Bonus Max $10,000 - Every Deposit For 1 Week RTG
Bovada Casino 100% Bonus Max $3000 RTG 100% Bonus Max $500 x10 RTG
Las Vegas USA Casino 150% Bonus Max $3000 RTG
Luckyred Casino 400% Bonus Max $4000 RTG