What are progressive slots?

With the emergence of online and traditional jackpot games, a lot has really changed. These days, a person can enjoy various slot games right from their laptop or PC, some of which are paid and others for free. One of the primary reasons progressive slots are so popular is that you can potentially win a huge sum of money. However, for those of you new to playing online slots for cash, we are going to answer your foremost question: what are progressive slots? This article seeks to cover the basics as well as educate you on which one offers you the best winning chances.

The term progressive slots is quite straightforward. It is a slot machine for which the jackpot grows step by step. So with each bet you place, the winning jackpot grows. The jackpot is calculated from the percentage of total bets played on a single machine or a group of them. In most cases, players must bet the maximum in order to win the big jackpot. As you would expect, smaller bets can still win, they just win a smaller payout.

Players should also realize that there are various types of progressive slots. First, there is a single or standalone machine which is not connected to other slots within a specified network. This type is characteristically a fixed jackpot. It is therefore calculated from the percentages on all bets placed on that specific virtual machine. Just like the other kinds of progressive slots, the prize gets higher with every bet placed. Normally, these machines are metered on the front, and this helps the player monitor how much the progressive jackpot prize has grown to at all times during the play. On many occasions, fixed single games reward a smaller payout than the progressive games that are linked together in a network.

You may find that progressive machines are linked to machines that are not being operated by just one Casino. This is very often the case in either USA slots for cash or International options. Normally, this occurs when one company holds more than one Casino within a network and sees it wise to link the progressive slots. What you have to know is that these network progressive jackpot games tend to give a larger payouts, and they offer high chances of big wins compared to single progressive slot games.

The progressive slots offer huge winnings. Indeed, some of the prizes listed on these machines are huge and upon winning, the winner can even decide to quit his job and lead a luxurious lifestyle. Although the rewards on all the progressive machines can be substantial, the odds of winning can be low. So it is worthy to note that the odds of winning on these progressive slots can be identical to winning a mega lottery ticket prize. When enjoying progressive slot games online, there are a few elements to familiarize yourself with, such as the odds when playing slots, smart slots strategy, and responsible bankroll management.

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Top 5 Casinos To Play Progressive Slot Games - Millions To Be Won
Casino Name Bonus Offer Software
SunPalace Casino 400% Bonus Max $10,000 - Every Deposit For 1 Week RTG
Bovada Casino 100% Bonus Max $3000 RTG
Slots.lv 100% Bonus Max $500 x10 RTG
Las Vegas USA Casino 150% Bonus Max $3000 RTG
Luckyred Casino 400% Bonus Max $4000 RTG