What are the odds when playing slots online?

Slot machines are relatively simple and are incredibly fun, especially when you play an online slot for real cash money. They are arguably the simplest games to play in any casino, be it land or online. The other games available to gamblers in a casino such as Roulette, craps and poker have significantly more rules that traditional gamblers are sometimes not too excited about having to learn. For this very reason, most of them choose to engage in the exciting and simplified slots platform, be it online or in a land based casino. Whatever your poison, the question remains, what are the odds when playing online slots?

Generally speaking, online slots odds are more often than not expressed in a payback percentage form. This is true of US online slots for cash and non-USA slots games. What this basically means is, the closer you are to getting 100% back on winning the better. It is very rare though to get 100% return on your wagering. Although at some point, what was referred to as 'loose slots' used to be placed near high traffic areas like entrances or near the buffet tables on land casinos. These are slots games that have a very high payback percentage. This was a marketing strategy used by managers to attract more slots players. The thinking was that, with these loose slots, there were frequent high payouts to more and more winners often, and this encouraged passers by to try out their hands and see if they too can win.

Now, the outcome of the slot machines is determined by software operating an electronic device. The in-built program decides which combinations show on the reels. Every slot machine ever made has its own set of winning combinations and symbols that align on the different pay lines with only one combination being related to the jackpot, which is the highest winning possible. It is near impossible to predict a win, this is mainly because the Random Number Generator, which is what this program is called, ensures that the results are truly random once you push or click on the play button.

What isn't rocket science though, are the odds of playing online slots. Gamblers who play slots online know that these games have a higher payout percentage than land based slots. They usually come very close to 100% on average the payout odds are 95-97%. This is all thanks to the introduction of online gambling. Due to the very fiercely cut throat competition amongst online casinos, the online slots give out this very high return margin in order to attract and keep players. Basically what this means is that, if it is a $1 slot machine and it gives back 97% on what we can say to be a life cycle of a million spins, then out of $1,000,000, it pays out $970,000 to the players. These are no doubt odds any gambler can live with.

These odds increase greatly depending on the investment you make. For instance a $1 slot machine will have a higher payout than a $0.01. But there are all types of slots out there, even free online slots. What you need to remember is that the odds of a machine paying out is absolutely independent from its past reels and payouts. Understanding the odds you're facing when playing online slot games will help you in developing a personal slots playing strategy to put those odds to work for you.

When playing 3D slots online for real cash, the odds are pretty much the same as any other video slots except for when it comes to the bonus games. The bonus rounds in the 3D slots games allow for player interaction to determine the success of the points accrual during the game, hence player choices and skill can play a part in the odds of winning extra spins or credits when participating in the bonus rounds.

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