Real Money Slots Games on the Internet

We gave our website its name so you know exactly what we are focusing on immediately, slots for cash, or in other words, those online slots games where you can play for real money. We focus on those sites providing access to American players as well as international gamers. In the past if you wanted to play slots for real money, you had to stick to a brick-and-mortar casino. However, with the entrance in the early 1990s of Internet gambling casinos, technology proved that you can stay at home in your cozy recliner or on your comfortable couch and enjoy your favorite slot games any time night or day. That same technology is constantly changing the face of Internet casinos and online slot machine games, delivering exciting variations.

For instance, the video slots, multi-pay line progressive slots offerings and relatively recent 3D slot games online are all technological advancements over the traditional two dimensional and rather boring offerings of the past. Also, the legitimate web casinos that offer US and global access to these advanced slot machine games understand they need to use extremely reliable and trustworthy, yet enjoyable, software. That is why they employ companies like RealTime Gaming (RTG as the company is known in the industry) to get the best possible experience to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone display. Also, RTG gives a casino legitimacy and its customers peace of mind, as the company is known to be frequently and randomly tested by third-party independent testing labs for dependability, accuracy and randomness.

RTG also is known to deliver some of the largest progressive jackpot bonuses found online, with many of the companies popular online slots games often providing a chance at a six or seven figure payday. The three-dimensional addition of depth of field means that there are more and more 3D slot games offered all the time, and if you have not played Internet slots in some time and believe the experience to be dull and flat, think again. On a totally impartial note, you need only play a few spins of the traditional two dimensional online slot machine games and then enjoy a couple of spins of 3D slots to experience the incredible difference, which is like comparing a black-and-white movie made in the 1930s or '40s to a total sensory experience such as Avatar or The Matrix.

Europe and other countries are more gambling friendly than is the United States, but even the US has relaxed its attitude towards online gambling. Now individual states are allowed to deliver Internet gambling options through state-based companies inside their boundaries. However, the vast majority of states have not chosen to do so yet. Fortunately, there are still online slot machine games offered by companies which are legally licensed to support American players, players from Europe, and people from around the world who enjoy playing slots games online. These companies obtain legitimate certification in locales and jurisdictions where Internet gambling is legal, which makes the online slot games and casino gambling options they offer trustworthy, safe and secure thereby providing premium USA slots options.

There are 3 reel and 5 reel slot machine games, you can play up to 25 pay lines simultaneously, and some specialty games even offer additional pay lines. The new 3D slots games allow you to enjoy an in-depth experience involved in the game play, and you can choose from dozens of exciting themes like treasure hunting, space exploration and enjoying life as a rock star.

The progressive offerings we mentioned above truly do offer a "one spin" chance at a life-changing payday in many cases, and with more competition, there will always be those legitimately licensed companies which work very hard to deliver the best slots games experience possible. Our goal is to provide you with the most information regarding online slot games that allow you to play for real money, while also enjoying the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and we look forward to being your one stop source of Internet slot casino information.

Our Top Online Casinos Offering Secure Slots Games For Real Money
Casino Name Bonus Offer Software
SunPalace Casino 400% Bonus Max $10,000 - Every Deposit For 1 Week RTG
Bovada Casino 100% Bonus Max $3000 RTG 100% Bonus Max $500 x10 RTG
Las Vegas USA Casino 150% Bonus Max $3000 RTG
Luckyred Casino 400% Bonus Max $4000 RTG