Playing 3D Slots Online Pulls You Into the Game

If you have played 3D slots online, you understand the attraction. Standard two-dimensional slots played on your PC or smartphone are enjoyable, such as the USA slots for cash you find discussed in our guide. They are fast and exciting, but the experience is like looking at a snapshot of your life, as opposed to living it. The added dimension of depth of field brings these wonderful virtual slot machines to life, enriching your experience and also adding a multitude of game play possibilities. Companies like BetSoft Gaming have moved to the forefront of the 3D casino software industry, creating three dimensional virtual worlds and popular games like Safari Sam, 2 Million BC and Rock Star which all revolve around a dramatic theme.

When you play 3D slots online, you are usually experiencing 5 reel machines, but there are also a few 3 reel 3D games as well. You can enjoy up to 25 or even 30 pay lines, and some games are so popular and played by so many Internet slot lovers that there are frequently shots at $1 million progressive jackpot paydays. The biggest difference with 3D slots when compared to the typical Internet slot experience you are used to is the role you play in the outcome of the game. These games are very interactive, and often times actually give you a personal role as an important character which helps determine your bonuses, the amount of free spins you can get, and the amount of money you can earn.

Also, there are literally more than 100 popular 3D slots to choose from at some sites, so finding a theme that you enjoy is easy. For instance, if you are a fan of gangster movies like The Godfather, then the Slotfather 3D Slots is definitely a virtual game you will want to check out. Designed by the industry leading BetSoft Gaming software manufacturer we mentioned above, Slotfather offers 30 pay lines, a bonus game, free spins and a 5 reel display. The graphics and dialogue revolve around a "Godfather of slot machines" that controls a massive, city-wide syndicate, and he allows you to get started by helping him run his business at a virtual location which you choose. Here is a trailer for this innovative game:

All of the symbols and icons on the spinning reels are vintage gangster stereotypes, including a Thompson sub-machine gun, a cigar, a plate of spaghetti, and even characters like Sammy Quick Fingers and Fat Tony. If you play well enough, you may even meet the Slotfather himself. And at any time during play if you receive the Money Suitcase symbol next to Sammy on pay line one, two or three, you access the instant win feature. Grab four or five scatter symbol Under bosses on the screen at one time and earn 100 or 200 credits respectively, and at different times during game play, characters will "pop off" of the gaming interface and talk with you, revealing other aspects of this three dimensional and enjoyable online slot machine game. Though it is interactive, player choices and decisions really only affect the outcome of the bonus rounds. When it comes to the rest of the game, the slots odds are pretty much the save as with other video slots.

This is just one example of the deeply interactive 3D slots that you can find at the top online slots casinos. In Heist you play a professional thief, in Mr. Vegas you are the King of the Las Vegas strip, and in Aztec Treasures you explore the untamed jungles of South America, looking for mystical Aztec gems. Playing 3D slots online allows you to use your imagination to the fullest, and truly interact with the game at the highest level. Game play is still quick and responsive, and the opportunity to win substantial amounts of money is still there. But improved audio and three dimensional video technology literally brings your PC screen or smartphone display to life when you choose 3D slots over the traditional two dimensional variety. These 3D slots certainly put a fresh new spin on playing slots for cash.

Both of the online casinos listed below feature a nice selection of 3D slots to play online. You can play either for real money or just for fun if you want. I personally love the 3D slot games so much that I have yet to go back to playing the more traditional online slot games. It won't be for everyone, but I suspect that more players than not will love these creatively designed games. Both of these casinos have been vetted by our team of online gambling professionals, and they are each legitimately and legally licensed and subject to strict regulatory oversight. They all maintain a high end security profile and a clear commitment to player safety and satisfaction. I myself and many members of our team are registered players at these locations, and continue to enjoy their online casino offerings.

Our Top Online Casinos Offering Reputable 3D Slots For Real Money
Casino Name Bonus Offer Software
Bovada Casino 100% Bonus Max $3000 RTG 100% Bonus Max $500 x10 RTG